1. I would like to apply for (required)
  £3000 award
£300 award
  2. Will you be raising awareness of an issue that:  (please tick only one) (required)
  Affected you directly
Affected a family member or close friend
Is important to women but I don’t know anyone directly affected
  3. Please tell us the focus of the awareness and education effort for which you are seeking support (for example: educating young mothers about the importance of early childhood care; sharing your experience with breast cancer and encouraging women to follow the steps for early detection, etc.). (Please limit your response to no more than 25 words.) (required)
  4. Please provide some background information: Why is this effort needed in your community? How will your effort help to advance the interests of women and ultimately improve society in the county of Northamptonshire? (Please limit your response to no more than 150 words.) (required)
  5. How many women do you plan to reach? (required)
  6. What age range do you plan to reach? (required)
  7. Have you done anything in the past to empower women and improve society? If so, please share your experience(s). If not, please share why you wish to take action at this time. In either case, explain what inspired you to apply for a Hello Tomorrow Fund Award. (Please limit your response to no more than 150 words.) (required)
  8. Tell us your plan for spending the award money. If applicable, please include a budget, and how you will raise any additional funds needed. (Please limit your response to no more than 100 words.) (required)

Personal information

  9. I am aged 18 years or over. (required)
  10. I am a legal resident of the UK. (required)
  11. I am not an employee, or an immediate family member of an employee, of Avon or The Chronicle & Echo/Johnston Press media group of companies or of any agency associated with this promotion. (required)
  12. I have not already applied for a Hello Tomorrow Fund award in this award cycle. You are only able to apply for one award per monthly award cycle. You may apply again in the next award cycle if you are unsuccessful in your application. (required)
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  14. If you are an Avon Representative, please tick box to confirm that you are not planning to use the award to benefit the Avon business.
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  19. How did you hear about the Hello Tomorrow Fund?
  avon.uk.com website
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My Avon Representative
My Avon Division/Area Manager
Word of Mouth

By submitting an application to the Hello Tomorrow Fund, I agree to the following:
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Accuracy of Application.
I confirm that all information provided with respect to my application is true and correct.


Use of Award (if selected as an award winner).
If selected as an award winner, I understand I will be required to provide updates and supporting information on the implementation and progress of my project in a form acceptable to Avon. (required)

  22. I also understand that, if I do not use the award for the purpose stated in my application, then I may be required by Avon to return the award in its entirety. (required)

Acceptance of Eligibility Rules and Terms and Conditions. 
I have read and agree to be bound by the Eligibility Rules and Terms and Conditions of Entry. (required)


Data Protection. 

I acknowledge that, in the course of applying for a Hello Tomorrow Fund award, certain information about me will be captured, electronically or otherwise, and will be transmitted to Avon. I expressly agree to transfer such personal information to Avon and that Avon may use, store and process that information for the purpose of the Hello Tomorrow Fund award competition.


I further agree that my personal information may be sent outside of the European Economic Area, to Avon Products, Inc. in the United States of America, for the purpose of the administration of the Hello Tomorrow Fund award competition. (Avon is a wholly owned subsidiary of Avon Products, Inc., a company quoted on the New York Stock Exchange).


Details of Avon’s privacy policy can be found in the Privacy and Security Statement on its website www.avon.uk.com.  

You may revoke the consents given above in paragraphs 24 and 25 by giving notice in writing to The Data Controller, Avon Cosmetics Limited, Nunn Mills Road, Northampton NN1 5PA.

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